Due Diligence

Our specialist due diligence processes are focused on deep tech. We inform your investment decisions, identify risks in target companies, and help you to support the founders in managing those risks.

Assemble the Team

Understanding deep tech businesses requires world-class experts at the cutting edge of their fields
For each engagement, we form a specialist team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs with the relevant expertise. We work with strategic partners that validate the credibility of the founder and their team, and we provide an independent appraisal of the scientific and engineering challenges that could arise in the next 3-5 years. Most importantly, our teams form independent views of the likelihood of overcoming those challenges within certain timeframes. Where relevant, we compare opposing views from equally well qualified experts, and we work hard to understand the points of misalignment in their opinions.
We can build the team quickly and efficiently

Having spent the last few years striving to accelerate the commercialisation of promising deep tech ecosystems, we have built a community of deep tech business and investors striving to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. We are deeply integrated into AI, quantum, space tech, and metaverse/spatial computing; and we have a broader network across nano-tech, HPC, green-tech, robotics and bio-tech.

The team is led by our deep tech due diligence specialist with extensive experience of leading successful due diligence engagements.

Investigate and Assess

The target business team is busy, and we respect their time

After taking the time to understand the investment thesis, the scientific/engineering background, and any areas of specific concern or focus for the investment committee, we create a clear scope, timeline and set of deliverables to ensure alignment across all parties.

Our extensive experience allows us to minimise the intrusion of the due diligence process on their business, and our clear and transparent process helps them make the most effective and efficient use of their time.

An assessment of the team, their skills, and the scientific and engineering claims are essential

This allows us to probe the challenges which could arise in the next 3 to 5-years, as well as the likelihood of overcoming those challenges within predicted timelines. We analyse product differentiation and defensibility, governance, team organisation, technical infrastructure and architecture.

Depending on the scope, we often consider data strategy, cyber security, intellectual property, product delivery and IT spend/budget too.

Debriefs and Reports

We perform thorough due diligence, and support post-transaction risk mitigation and value enhancement

We provide you with an interim report and debrief immediately after our experts have reviewed any available documentation and interviewed the key members of the target business team. This gives you early visibility of any red flags and allows us to tweak the scope or redirect the focus of the due diligence if required.

On completion of the due diligence, not only do we provide you with a comprehensive debrief to support your investment thesis, but we also work with you to identify how you and could work with the founder(s) post transaction to mitigate risks and add further value to the business. Where relevant, we provide independent assessments of costs and timelines for all recommendations.

The format of our final reports is tailored to the needs of the investment committee

Typically, we provide a high-level summary report useful for the investment committee in reaching a decision, and a more detailed and comprehensive report for reference pre-and post-transaction in planning mitigating activities, resource plans and value creation initiatives.

Where required, we also debrief the target business on our findings post-transaction, and we provide workshops and discussions to support them in next steps.