Infleqtion and QinetiQ Win Award to Apply Quantum Computing to Logistics

Insider Brief Infleqtion and QinetiQ won a bid for Quantum End-to-End Compilation for Combinatorial Optimisation (QECCO) project through Innovate UK. This initiative will focus on using quantum algorithms to solve complex combinatorial optimization problems in logistics. The project team comprises experts in quantum software development, algorithmic implementation and benchmarking. PRESS RELEASE — Infleqtion, the world’s […]

Delta g Ltd Becomes Quantum Exponential’s Seventh Quantum Portfolio Company

Insider Brief Quantum Exponential Group announced that it has invested £300,000 as part of a circa. £1,500,000 pre seed funding round in Delta g. Delta g is a UK based gravity sensing hardware and technology development company. Delta g’s equipment could be used for for scanning beneath the earth’s surface for utility mapping, smart cities, […]