Quantum Data & Intelligence – Importance for Quantum Industry

Within the complex matrix of the quantum technology industry, quantum data and market intelligence are the essential elements that form the framework of success for effective decision making. This article delves into the pivotal role of quantum data and business intelligence, exploring its hidden nature, the transformation from raw data to actionable insights, and the […]

Quantum-South Unveils Enhanced Air Cargo Optimization Solutions, Harnessing the Power of Quantum-inspired Algorithms

Insider Brief: Quantum-South announces the launch of its advanced versions of air cargo optimization solutions. Building on the success of their initial release, Quantum-South has developed cutting-edge software that leverages quantum-inspired optimization algorithms to revolutionize the air cargo industry. Dr. Rafael Sotelo, President and Co-Founder of Quantum-South, says he is excited to introduce the company’s […]

Q-CTRL to Partner with Australian Department of Defence on Quantum Navigation Technologies

Insider Brief Q-CTRL will partner with Australia’s Department of Defence to develop quantum sensors for quantum-based navigation systems for the military. The quantum enhanced positioning and navigation capability built on Q-CTRL’s quantum sensing technology. The technology could help the military diminish reliance on increasingly vulnerable global positioning systems. PRESS RELEASE — Q-CTRL, a global leader […]