Quantum-South Identifies Alternatives to Boost Amerijet International’s Cargo Load Factor by up to 30% with Cutting-edge Solution

Insider Brief: Amerijet International and Quantum-South have announced the successful completion of a joint Proof of Concept (PoC) project concentrated on leveraging aircraft loading optimization to enhance cargo load factor and revenue per flight. Quantum-South’s solution features an Aircraft Load Optimization module, designed to optimize container placement to maximize transported weight, volume, priority mix, or […]

Quantum-South Unveils Enhanced Air Cargo Optimization Solutions, Harnessing the Power of Quantum-inspired Algorithms

Insider Brief: Quantum-South announces the launch of its advanced versions of air cargo optimization solutions. Building on the success of their initial release, Quantum-South has developed cutting-edge software that leverages quantum-inspired optimization algorithms to revolutionize the air cargo industry. Dr. Rafael Sotelo, President and Co-Founder of Quantum-South, says he is excited to introduce the company’s […]