KPMG Becomes a Member of IBM Quantum Network to Enhance its QC Expertise

Mutually Beneficial Prabhakar expressed her enthusiasm about KPMG joining the IBM Quantum network. She highlighted the uniqueness that KPMG brings to the table through its strong client relationships. Together, they aim to drive value and deliver exceptional solutions to clients. The partnership makes perfect sense, as KPMG’s deep understanding of client workflows and needs complements […]

IBM Quantum Research Points Toward Quantum Speedup in Tackling Complex, Useful Calculations

Insider Brief IBM Quantum researchers report that near-term quantum computers may be able to use algorithms to solve complex problems faster than classical devices. The team showed that their approach, if it scales, could address computational bottlenecks in machine learning, for example. IBM’s research team published its findings in Nature. In a significant step towards […]

QAI Ventures Welcomes New Cohort of Startups to its Accelerator

Insider Brief QAI Ventures announced the selection of its first cohort of startups for the QAI Ventures Accelerator program. Startups include Anaqor, Kipu Quantum, Miraex, Moonlight AI and qdc. QAI Ventures is a Quantum-focused VC Fund and Startup Accelerator embedded in the ecosystem of QuantumBasel. QAI Ventures, a Quantum-focused VC Fund and Startup Accelerator embedded […]