In Scalability First Approach, EeroQ Achieves Tape-Out of Its ‘Wonder Lake’ Chip

Insider Brief EeroQ achieves tape-out of new chip at US semiconductor foundry, which means it’s ready for fabrication and production. The company uses a helium approach for its quantum processor design. Ultimately, the company says this is a huge leap toward a quantum computer design that is powerful, small and scalable. In an important advance, […]

IBM Quantum Research Points Toward Quantum Speedup in Tackling Complex, Useful Calculations

Insider Brief IBM Quantum researchers report that near-term quantum computers may be able to use algorithms to solve complex problems faster than classical devices. The team showed that their approach, if it scales, could address computational bottlenecks in machine learning, for example. IBM’s research team published its findings in Nature. In a significant step towards […]

Vodafone Works With SandboxAQ to Test Quantum-safe Business Network

Insider Brief Vodafone and SandboxAQ conducted a proof-of-concept test for a quantum-safe Virtual Private Network (VPN). The test involved the use of standard smartphones that were specifically modified by Vodafone and SandboxAQ using NIST’s cryptography algorithms. Vodafone is uniquely positioned to leverage its global collaboration, technology sharing and deep expertise in combating emerging threats, such […]