KPMG Becomes a Member of IBM Quantum Network to Enhance its QC Expertise

Mutually Beneficial Prabhakar expressed her enthusiasm about KPMG joining the IBM Quantum network. She highlighted the uniqueness that KPMG brings to the table through its strong client relationships. Together, they aim to drive value and deliver exceptional solutions to clients. The partnership makes perfect sense, as KPMG’s deep understanding of client workflows and needs complements […]

Quantum-South Identifies Alternatives to Boost Amerijet International’s Cargo Load Factor by up to 30% with Cutting-edge Solution

Insider Brief: Amerijet International and Quantum-South have announced the successful completion of a joint Proof of Concept (PoC) project concentrated on leveraging aircraft loading optimization to enhance cargo load factor and revenue per flight. Quantum-South’s solution features an Aircraft Load Optimization module, designed to optimize container placement to maximize transported weight, volume, priority mix, or […]

Duality Quantum Accelerator Accepts Four Startups Into Latest Cohort

Insider Brief Duality quantum accelerator has accepted its latest cohort of four startups. The startups are developing solutions for a secure quantum internet, enabling the manufacture of products in microgravity, and accelerating the adoption of quantum computing and photonics. Chicago-based Duality is aimed at supporting next-generation startups focused on quantum science and technology. The Chicago-based […]

In Scalability First Approach, EeroQ Achieves Tape-Out of Its ‘Wonder Lake’ Chip

Insider Brief EeroQ achieves tape-out of new chip at US semiconductor foundry, which means it’s ready for fabrication and production. The company uses a helium approach for its quantum processor design. Ultimately, the company says this is a huge leap toward a quantum computer design that is powerful, small and scalable. In an important advance, […]

Russian Organization Looks to India for Collaboration in the Field of Quantum Computing

The Russian Quantum Centre (RQC), a private organization in Russia, is aiming to establish partnerships with Indian academic and research institutions as part of its strategy to develop quantum applications and hardware for public services, as revealed by Ruslan Yunusov, RQC’s CEO and co-founder. He mentioned that the Russian government will officially bring up this […]

New Filing: Zapata Computing Raises $4.8 Million, Hints at Quantum Generative AI Solutions

Insider Brief Zapata Computing Inc. has recently secured new funding. The company raised approximately $4.8 million as part of a larger planned fundraising round aimed at raising $20 million. The funding round was disclosed in a Form D dated July 7. Boston-based quantum computing startup, Zapata Computing Inc., has recently secured new funding, the Boston […]

Quantum Computing Inc. Launches the First Quantum Photonic Vibrometer

Insider Brief Quantum Computing Inc. announced the release of its Quantum Photonic Vibrometer, or QPV. The device is an instrument for remote vibration detection, sensing and inspection. It can be used for material recognition, enhanced surveillance, infrastructure integrity and preventive industrial maintenance. PRESS RELEASE — Quantum Computing Inc. (“QCi” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: QUBT), a first-to-market […]

SEEQC System Red Successfully Runs HQS Quantum Simulations Algorithm

Insider Brief SEEQC and HQS Quantum Simulations report a successful run of an algorithm on the SEEQC System Red. The companies say this shows great potential to achieve commercially useful quantum advantage in the near term. These algorithms are designed to accelerate commercial roadmaps in the chemistry and pharmaceutical industries. PRESS RELEASE — SEEQC, the […]

Infleqtion and QinetiQ Win Award to Apply Quantum Computing to Logistics

Insider Brief Infleqtion and QinetiQ won a bid for Quantum End-to-End Compilation for Combinatorial Optimisation (QECCO) project through Innovate UK. This initiative will focus on using quantum algorithms to solve complex combinatorial optimization problems in logistics. The project team comprises experts in quantum software development, algorithmic implementation and benchmarking. PRESS RELEASE — Infleqtion, the world’s […]

VINCI Energies, QuantumBasel Use D-Wave’s Quantum Technology to Study HVAC Systems

Insider Brief QuantumBasel and VINCI Energies will work on the research and development of a series of quantum-hybrid applications. One challenge the teams plan to tackle is a computationally difficult part of HVAC design process called “network generation”. QuantumBasel is Switzerland’s first quantum hub for commercial use and VINCI Energies is environmental and digital transition […]

Atom Computing and National Renewable Energy Laboratory Exploring Electric Grid Optimization Using Quantum Computing

Insider Brief Atom Computing will collaborate with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to explore how quantum computing can optimize the electric grid. Scientists demonstrated “quantum-in-the-loop” capability that can run certain types of  optimization problems on a quantum computer. Optimization problems are considered “killer applications” for quantum computing. PRESS RELEASE — Atom Computing and the U.S. […]

IBM Quantum Research Points Toward Quantum Speedup in Tackling Complex, Useful Calculations

Insider Brief IBM Quantum researchers report that near-term quantum computers may be able to use algorithms to solve complex problems faster than classical devices. The team showed that their approach, if it scales, could address computational bottlenecks in machine learning, for example. IBM’s research team published its findings in Nature. In a significant step towards […]

Quantum Data & Intelligence – Importance for Quantum Industry

Within the complex matrix of the quantum technology industry, quantum data and market intelligence are the essential elements that form the framework of success for effective decision making. This article delves into the pivotal role of quantum data and business intelligence, exploring its hidden nature, the transformation from raw data to actionable insights, and the […]

UKQuantum appoints Jonathan Legh-Smith as Executive Director

UKQuantum, the trade association providing the voice of UK quantum industry, has appointed Jonathan Legh-Smith as Executive Director.  UKQuantum’s mission is to:  Unite the UK quantum industry with one voice; Champion the industry within Government and internationally while advising on interventions and policies that will advance the UK quantum industry; and Promote the adoption and […]