HSBC Becomes First Bank to Join the UK’s Quantum Secure Metro Network

Insider Brief HSBC is the first bank to join BT and Toshiba’s pioneering commercial quantum secure metro network. Using Quantum Key Distribution, HSBC is connecting their global HQ in Canary Wharf and a datacentre in Berkshire. The network is helping the business  explore how this technology can defend against future cyber threats and quantum attacks.  […]

Terra Quantum And Cirdan Capital Use Quantum Software For Enhanced Exotic Option Pricing

Insider Brief Terra Quantum and Cirdan Capital report they developed a faster algorithmic method to price exotic options. Exotic options, such as multi-asset autocallable options, are complex financial instruments that provide investors with alternative strategies for managing risk and maximizing returns. Simulations are often used to determine prices of exotic options, but they are computationally […]

QBN Quantum Industry Summit: Unlocking new business opportunities for all industries.

Stuttgart, Germany – The highly anticipated QBN Quantum Industry Summit is set to take place on October 10-11, 2023, alongside the Quantum Effects exhibition at Messe Stuttgart. This premier international business & tech conference will bring together over 500 world-class leaders, experts, and stakeholders to address the pressing demands and challenges facing the quantum industry, […]

Vodafone Works With SandboxAQ to Test Quantum-safe Business Network

Insider Brief Vodafone and SandboxAQ conducted a proof-of-concept test for a quantum-safe Virtual Private Network (VPN). The test involved the use of standard smartphones that were specifically modified by Vodafone and SandboxAQ using NIST’s cryptography algorithms. Vodafone is uniquely positioned to leverage its global collaboration, technology sharing and deep expertise in combating emerging threats, such […]